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What Officers are Saying

"Long overdue and greatly appreciated. I'm all in for Team GFORCE!"

Detective; Police Narcotics/Gang Intelligence

"Thank you again for progressing Gang Enforcement and keeping this "alive" in Law Enforcement.  Truly an honor to be a part and involved with this."

Detective; South Bend, Indiana

Rusty's Message

What is Gang Enforcement?

Gang Enforcement is the process of combating gang warfare and reducing gang crime, violence and membership through robust intelligence gathering, zero-tolerance enforcement strategies and methodologies along with aggressive prosecution.

Welcome to Gang Enforcement Apparel; my name is Rusty Keeble and I sincerely hope you find the gear you're looking for. If there's something specific you don't find, shoot us an e-mail and we'll try to put it in the production pipeline.

Make sure you check out the "Gang Enforcement" website and explore the many resources and training courses that we provide to criminal justice professionals around the world.

We are here to Protect and Serve; You.​

In Omnia Paratus,

Rusty Keeble, Founder & CEO 

Enforce. We Will.