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(Active Duty Criminal Justice Only)

By becoming a member, you become an essential part of one of the most aggressive, comprehensive, and technology driven initiatives ever developed for gang enforcers. 

Black Team One was established to develop an elite team, representing all disciplines of the criminal justice system, within one of the fastest growing assemblies of gang enforcers in the world; the Gang Enforcement Network.

Black Team One focuses on Gang Enforcement’s “G5 Philosophy,” which supports five disciplines vital to successfully combating gang crime; Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Prosecution and Probation.

These five (5) disciplines, acting as one force (GFORCE), is the next generation of how we prepare today’s officers for tomorrow and tomorrow’s officers today.

BT1 is NOT another static membership program.

Next Generation Gang Enforcement!

Get Your BLACKBOX (Membership Package)

  • Black Team One Member's Certificate
  • Black Team One Member's Selection Letter
  • Black Team One Member's Call Sign (Ex: Enforcer 001)
  • Black Team One Operational eManual
  • Black Team One BLACKBIT (16GB USB Key)
  • Black Team One Member's Identification Card
  • Black Team One Membership Recruitment Cards (10qty)
  • Black Team One Member's Only T-Shirt
  • Black Team One Member's Only Ink Pen
  • Gang Enforcement's Creed Signature Card


Get Your Level 5 Black Team One Access

  • GANGTEK | The Gang Enforcement Network
  • BLACKBRIEF | Weekly Intelligence Meeting
  • The Armory | Online Gang Resource Library
  • Training Bytes | Weekly Training Tips


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