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Experience the World's Most Sought After
Gang Specialist Certification.

(CRIMINAL JUSTICE ONLY) The Gangology Specialist Online Certification focuses on developing the student’s level of knowledge pertaining to street gang evolution, gang crime law, gang identification, communications, typology, personal safety, and the psychological and sociological impact street gangs have on society, as well as officer and public safety.


Key Learning Objectives

  • National Gang Statistics
  • National Graffiti Statistics
  • National Gang Definitions & Constitutional Protections
  • U.S. Gang History, Migration & Evolution
  • Gang Graffiti vs. Tagger Graffiti ​
  • Gang Ideology & Typology
  • Gang Recruitment Methods
  • Street & Prison Gang Allure​
  • ​​​Biker Gang Overview
  • Prison Gang Overview
  • ​Subversive Group Overview
  • ​​Gender & Age Statistical Breakdown
  • Indicators of a Gang Presence
  • Folk Nation & People Nation Overview and Identifiers
  • Gang Communications: Signs, Symbols, Tattoos, Codes, etc.
  • Gangs & the Media
  • Social Media Influence
  • Gang Literature: Bibles, Book of Knowledge, Street Lit
  • Brief Prison Gang History, Identifiers and Street Impact
  • Corrections Gang Presence, Weapons & Tactics Overview
  • Today's Gang Threat & Officer Safety​


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